Help in psychological situations.

Psychological emergencies can occur again and again in a wide variety of situations.

We want to show you where and how you can look forward to help.

Psychological emergency situations can e.g. occur due to acute health situations.


If your health is poor, it also affects your psyche.

On the other hand, periods of depression often occur together with poor health.

You should try to communicate with others about crises. Possibly. First with your husband/wife, then with your close family and you should definitely consolidate a doctor.

A doctor can offer you a lot more help.

Sometimes a visit to a doctor is a good idea.

Special diets and changing your food intake can sometimes make all the difference.

Traditional fasting can also be a detoxification cure.

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There are detoxification cures, e.g. also according to recognized physicians such as Dr. Prof. Ewa Dábrowska which significantly reduce the risk of cancer.

Fun and joy also play a decisive role in getting healthy. So you should deal openly with your illness and even have a joke from time to time. make of it.

Detox cures can sometimes be a huge success, but there are many charlatans who promise heaven and earth.

Although science is very old when it comes to fasting, it is not individual and reliable.

If you decide on a fasting cure, you should accept professional support and not rely on higher opinions.

Psychological emergencies.

In cases of depression and psychosis, you should consult your local psychologist and not attempt magic yourself due to witchcraft.

Depression can affect anyone and is usually related to current dissatisfaction or dissatisfaction in the past.

Psychological emergencies in families.

Psychological emergencies can be such as e.g. Violence in the family often combined with excessive alcohol consumption.

Also, many emergencies can arise in connection with children. The youth welfare office is not the authority that wants to take the children away from you, but primarily tries to help mediately.

The youth welfare office doesn't take children away. If so, this decision is based on a further judicial process.

The youth welfare office only provides help and information.

Violence in families plays a major role in child rearing. In this way, mostly abused children later become perpetrators themselves.

If you experience violence in the family, don't be afraid of evil bullies or you will become one yourself.

Hospital stay.

Hospitals depend on the government's risk fund, which is why they usually only use the maximum dose of a drug or usually in combination with other drugs.

Hospitals and clinics rely on this risk fund to be able to survive at all.

Many self-employed psychiatrists and psychologists follow the same principle.

This enables the best possible dosage of medication.

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Written by T.J. Poschadel