Help with unknown diseases. 

Unknown illnesses are usually Morbus. The diagnosis is usually followed by the name of the first discoverer, e.g. B. Crohn's disease or Ormond's disease etc. 

An unknown disease can also be a hard-to-recognize diagnosis, disease. 

Diseases that are unknown are difficult to detect. Especially for general practitioners. Those affected often look for many contact points until a diagnosis is even made or they are misdiagnosed. 

You can search for the right contact point in our directory. 


It often helps to research ongoing studies as soon as you know what they could be about.

More detailed examinations in clinics and participation in test procedures often help.

In the beginning it often only helps to consult the right specialist. 

Unknown diseases are often misdiagnosed. Sometimes going to another doctor helps.

A new type of disease is rarely diagnosed. The best known is probably Crohn's disease.

The following link takes you to the list of all known types of Morbus.

Patients with a disease usually have to experiment with many medications before finding the right one. Corticoids usually have an effect, but this is associated with many side effects. 


ChatGPT on unknown diseases. 

Of course I am at your disposal to give you information and advice. It is important to note that I am an AI model and not a medical professional. However, I can provide general information about various illnesses and symptoms to assist you in finding help.

If you are suffering from unknown symptoms of illness, it is best to consult a doctor. Medical professionals are trained to diagnose diseases and suggest appropriate treatments. They can examine you based on your symptoms, perform additional tests, and make an accurate diagnosis.

It may also be helpful to gather information about your symptoms before you see your doctor. Make a note of the type of symptoms, when they appear, how long they last, and any other factors you notice. This can help the doctor get a comprehensive picture of your health situation.

If you have already seen a doctor and are not satisfied with the diagnosis or treatment you received, you can also seek a second opinion from another medical professional.

Remember that it is important to discuss medical issues with a professional as they have the right training and experience to provide you with the best help with your specific situation.

a stethoscope used by doctors.


Written by T.J. Posh Skull